Target Areas

  • Short lashes
  • Light coloured lashes
  • Straight lashes
Lash Lift
Lash Lift
Lash Lift

How does it work?

A solution is applied that changes the bonds of the lash hairs permanently.

How long will it last?

The change to lashes is permanent, and lasts until those lashes naturally shed and are replaced by new ones. Typically 8 weeks.

What’s in it?

The solution applied to the lashes contains keratin, the natural protein that makes up hair and skin.

What’s involved?

Your lashes will be cleaned and a shield applied to your eyelid. The lashes are held in place for with the bonding gel while the lifting balm does its work to create a semi-permanent curl. When finished a keratin solution is applied to the lashes to increase hydration and provide shine.

Who can use it?

Anyone looking to boost their lashes.