Target Areas

Permanent hair removal for small areas:
  • Eyebrows, upper lip, chin, etc
  • Any blonde or grey hairs
  • Underarms

How does it work?

A very fine needle is inserted into the hair follicle and an electric current is passed through the follicle, destroying it and preventing hair regrowth.

How long will it last?

Electrolysis is the only truly permanent hair removal method.

What’s in it?

Electrolysis destroys the growth centre of the hair with heat energy.

What’s involved?

As hairs are treated individually, electrolysis is best for small areas e.g. chin, upper lip, eyebrows, etc. It generally requires multiple appointments over time.

Who can use it?

Electrolysis works on all hair types, unlike other hair removal methods which may not suit people with certain hair pigment types (grey, blonde, red).

Does it hurt?

You may experience a mild sting or heat sensation. In most cases, clients tolerate the treatment very well.